Sunday, March 27, 2005

Dusting for prints

The break-in. Came down at 8 in the morning to discover someone had broken into our house. They (he?) only took cash from my wallet - they left the camera (phew!) and everything else.

I should point out that we now have bars on the kitchen window, extra locks and bolts as well as a sensor with light and alarm for the back garden and a sensor with light for the upstairs balcony. The landlord even made a special trip up from Tainan to help supervise the installation.

Here we have Taichung C.I.D. on the case, dusting for prints. Pity I didn't manage to get a shot of his box of forensic equipment. We then had to take a trip down the cop shop to have our own prints taken. I couldn't help thinking how ironic it was that we, the victims, were having our prints taken when the burglar was out there spending our cash. J enjoyed himself seeing the inside of a real police station.

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