Thursday, August 18, 2005

Man, these big spiders freak me out

I know they're harmless but they give me the creeps. They're huge for a start and they can run very fast. I know because there was one in the house once and I tried to whack it with a slipper. I missed and it hid for three nail-biting days.
It finally appeared in the bathroom so I sprayed it with half a can of roach spray and pounded it with a sturdy shoe. I like Mother Nature's wondrous creatures, just not in my house, not under my bed and definitely not under the toilet lid in the bathroom !


Michael Turton said...

Spiders are great! I have a bunch of Taiwan bug pics here:

I know you'll love'em

Naruwan said...

They really are superb photos Michael. Don't get me wrong - bugs and spiders are cool.
When we're out hiking we'll always linger to observe any bug that we come across, and take some pics of course.