Monday, April 28, 2008

New camera awesomeness

I finally got around to buying a new camera on Saturday. I'd hummed and harred for an age about what camera to get. It finally came down to an apple and an orange: the Canon Powershot S5 IS or the Canon Powershot SD 850. I'd been using an ultra compact camera for the past few years (the SD 400) so in the end, as tempted as I was to get the SD 850, I thought it was time to have a play with a camera that has a bit more oomph. The fact that the S5 also takes high quality video with stereo sound, and allows you to zoom and take photos during filming, just tipped the balance in favour of the ultrazoom.

But like I said, it was an apples and oranges debate and really I'd like to have delicious fruits represented in my photographic basket, as it were. So having made up my mind which camera to get, the next question was where to buy. I emailed Michael Turton who owns an S3 and he kindly recommended an excellent camera shop in Taichung. I got an incredible deal which meant that even though I popped various other paraphernalia into the shopping basket, I ended up spending far less than I would have if I'd just wandered around e-street comparing prices. Thanks Michael. I owe you a beer or three!

I've been like a kid with a new toy, as the cliche goes, over the past few days shooting this, that and the other in this mode, that mode and the other mode. We went out to DongShih yesterday and I took loads of shots. I'll post up some of the more interesting ones when I have time.

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Teach English in Tainan said...

I have the S5 with Micheal's help as well. Bought mine in Tainan though. Check out the Flickr Group(s) for the camera. I learned a few nice functions there. Also, the camera makes great videos for Youtube, and you can also the audio recorder function to record wav files.