Friday, May 23, 2008

Taiwanese women who wear a veil

I've noticed recently that more and more women are wearing sun visors in this position like a welder's mask or a veil. I once saw an attractively-attired woman with her visor down so that you couldn't see any part of her face. She looked like some kind of ridiculous she-cyborg. There are the mask-wearers too. Ostensibly, they are worn to keep away germies and other airborne nasties, but I'm not so sure that's the only reason. Some women seem to wear a mask (plus sunglasses) pretty much the whole time they are outside. I realize that many of these veiled women have spent a fortune on SKII and other expensive skin-whitening products and want to protect their investment - god forbid they should ever turn brown - but I'm convinced there's more to it than that. They are hiding behind a veil, an Asian Niqab, if you like. The reason I think they are hiding is based on my observation that attractive Taiwanese women, especially those dressed sexily, usually have a look of irritation on their face and appear to be in a hurry to get somewhere, or just away from "here". (Maybe it's just me that has this effect on women! ) So masks and visors provide the perfect way to hide, with the pretense that it's for "cosmetic" (irony alert) reasons. So what's the big deal? I don't know. It bugs me. Why are they shutting themselves off from the world in this way? I have no problem with people wearing sunglasses, but to cover the whole face,... it's odd, and I hope it's just a passing fad.


Anonymous said...

My God, the veil has even found its way here to Texas. I saw a young lady driving her expensive foreign car on the freeway, with the "Welders" Mask pulled down over her face. Kind of looked like a darn rasin was driving the car!!!!

kdobson said...

I have always assumed it was a continuation of general practises aimed at increasing and maintaining skin whiteness. I know lots of girls from Taiwan that will carry a parasol if they must go out in the sun, and have seen some women improvise with books or bags to sheild their faces (from the sun, not other people) when the need to go outside arose.

Clark said...

Well it might not look good but will it save them from skin cancer?

Exogenous said...

Maybe she's working on her airplane instrument rating

Red A said...

My wife wears this thing religiously. It keeps spots from forming on the face.

I have worn it a couple of times for fun, and it works like a massive pair of sunglasses.

Glad to hear they are taking off in wife may move to the states and I don't want to be ridiculed too much.