Sunday, May 23, 2004

Bees please

On the way back from the hiking trails we stopped off at what was supposed to be a wine-making factory where you could see wine being made. In fact, it's one big permanent tourist market. In the carpark there were at least a dozen coaches from all over Taiwan. Jason was interested in the beehive but was concerned that he might get stung like daddy on grandma's allotment.

Although there were quite a few bees buzzing about there was also a lot of smoke to keep 'em drowsy. We ended up buying a big bottle of honey from them. The man explained that a lot of honey sold in Taiwan is actually fake. It's actually mostly sugar syrup with enough honey added to make you think it's all honey. If you take a small amount of honey and burn it with a lighter it should bubble without turning black. If it does turn black then sugar has been added and you've been had.

I wish you could try this stuff. It's dark, tasty and, needless to say, it's incredibly sweet.  Posted by Hello

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