Wednesday, December 19, 2007

"No Flavour" dried tomatoes

"No Flavour" dried tomatoes
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We went to a wholesale sweets and snacks warehouse the other day to get some Christmas treats for Kelly's students. I spotted some dried cherry tomatoes and snapped them up. They were very good actually. I think quite a bit of sugar had been added but they were otherwise extremely tasty and chewy. The label made me smile - "no flavour". That's being over-the-top modest !


MJ Klein said...

every time i think about those "no flavour" tomatoes, i laugh my ass off! lol

Lisa said...

hi, I didn't know your blog was reopened until now! It's great to hear from you again. Me and Albert and my parents are heading toward Kenting in less than an hour, and I'll post my photos on my blog in a few weeks, so check them out from time to time. Have a great weekend! Sincerely,

Naruwan said...

Hey Lisa, thanks for stopping by. I've been ill this past week so sorry for not replying sooner. Have a great time in Kenting!