Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Out and about on my bike

back door
Originally uploaded by Naruwan
The cool weather has been great for getting out in the morning, either jogging or riding my bike. One route I like to take runs from the end of Hsing-Da Road through Dong Fong Park (there's a 228 Memorial there) and connects to a nice bike trail which eventually leads to and runs parallel to the railway line. It's nice to get out and explore some of the nooks and crannies of south Taichung without nearly dying of heatstroke. You see some interesting things on the way like this back door. Just had to get a shot of it, even though as you can see from the top third of the photo my camera is on its last legs.


MJ Klein said...

how long is the actual bike trail? i know it's a major PITA to take photos but i really enjoy seeing rider's photos of their favorite trails.

Naruwan said...

I had planned to take a whole load of pics of this trail but my rechargable camera battery died right after taking this shot. Both camera and battery are on their last legs. A recharge lasts for two or three shots if I'm lucky. Worse thing I haven't been able to find time to go get it fixed. And if that's not feasible I might wait till the new year to buy a new camera. [sigh]

Not sure of the exact length of the trail but this photo of the trail map should give you some idea. My usual route is to start from roughly where the red dot is and go up to the Le Cheng temple, or sometimes over the track and back again the same way. You have to cross a number of roads but there are a number of nice long leafy stretches along this section of the trail.