Monday, February 25, 2008

MJ Klein gets "Ript"

Ript is a free scrapbook program which I discovered literally about an hour ago. Wanting to test it out, I dragged some images from Taiwan megablogger Michael Klein's site, The NHBushman, rotated them, shrunk some, enlarged others, and before I knew it I had a Quintessential NHBushman on my hands. Everything's in there: the Nikon fetish, the guitar, the food, the Dutch oven, etcetera, but couldn't squeeze in the Thai rum, or karaoke! I had so much fun I might do someone else next time, so watch out... Have a go yourself if you feel so inkleined (geddit?!).


MJ Klein said...

hahahah! man that is so funny! thanks for the cool scrap book!

Anonymous said...

Wicked! What a cool site. This looks a bit addictive. I love sites I can waste plenty of time on. ;-P