Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Open letter to Fingarse

I am not writing to you to complain about your overpriced, mediocre food, nor do I wish to inquire as to why that sour-faced woman who works there never smiles or makes eye contact with customers. No, what I wish to vent about is your policy on incorrectly priced grocery items. If a customer has bought some items, has left the store and returns later on, it is a damn cheek to ask that customer to pay an additional 5 Taiwan dollars when you discover that you have screwed up with the price labels. It's not the 5 dollars, it's the f*cking cheek of it.


Karl said...

That story is classic Fingas. All about the money, and service be damned.

華榮光 said...

Mediocre and over-priced is right... that's why I don't go there often. As for chasing down the customer and asking them to pay the difference, that unfortunately seems to be the norm here as I've had it happen to me in a couple of places.