Sunday, June 26, 2005

Benign girl

Another test post using Internet Explorer this time - a little faster. As with the dinosaur picture I selected the small inline picture but if you click on it you can get a larger version which you can make even bigger if you click again (at bottom right if you're using Explorer).

What I like about this method is that the text can be placed to the right or left of the picture. Bit of variety. Anyway, what do you think of 'benign girl'? Bet Barbie doesn't have a cell phone as cool as that! By the way, did you know that back in the day Taiwan used to make over half the world's Barbies? Here's an excerpt from a telegraph article about it.

In Taiwan, the Barbie Doll is history. The world's favourite plastic model is no longer made here, but is still revered - so much so that the town of Taishan has opened a museum to her. On show are bridal Barbies, Barbies in combat gear, Barbies in Chinese dresses. But, more tellingly, there are the grainy photographs of cheerful young women flocking from all over the island to work in a factory nearby. The factory was opened by Mattel, Barbie's American maker, back in 1967, and proved to be a trailblazer for the "outsourcing" phenomenon that made eastern Asia the workshop of the world. At one point, half the world's Barbies were made here. Within 20 years, Taiwan's labour force had moved up the prosperity ladder and, in 1987, Mattel moved on - to the Chinese mainland, where wages are lower. Now, the daughters of Taiwan's first Mattel employees are in computers and public relations.

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