Monday, June 27, 2005

Happy birthday, Jason - and Lucas!

Today's the big day for Jason, but because it's a Monday we had his little birthday bash (a Hello Kitty cake and a few of his friends over in the evening) on Saturday. I didn't take any photos but I used the movie clip function on my camera to capture the candle blowing bit.
Here's Jason using his robot hand to grab Mummy's purse on Sunday at Papa's, a nice pizza place near Sogo dept store. That's Kelly's Mum in the middle looking on in amusement. She came down for the day and will be back at weekends to help take care of Mother and babe. Which brings me to another BIG DAY which is Lucas's 'birth day.' That's right - K is going in to have the baby today, so Lucas and Jason will have the same birthday. Isn't it a little strange that we don't celebrate birthdays on the day of someone's birth? Well, I've decided that's silly. Later today I'm going to be singing Happy Birthday and afterwards I'm going to get a birthday cake for Lucas - with no candles!
I'll be posting LOADS of photos of Lucas so stand by with that mouse wheel.

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