Thursday, June 30, 2005

Dr. Ding's clinic

Despite all the excitement of the new arrival, it can get a little boring hanging around at the clinic all the time so I took a few pics of the place. On the day of Lucas' birth I actually took very few pictures because I was busy tending to Mummy and keeping Jason entertained. As you can see from my previous pics I was fortunate enough to get in a few snaps at opportune moments and I was able to do that without the camera getting in the way. I can't understand why people would want to use a camera or a video camera the whole time - I mean, what you're after is something to help you remember certain details you might otherwise forget in years to come, an aid to memory if you like, not a substitute for it.

Here you can see Jason playing hard to get with toffee-toting nurses who are quite smitten with Jason. Some of them still remember him when he was a newborn. The toy Jason is playing with is his birthday present from Kelly's mum, a Play-Doh cooking set, which has kept him amused for much of the time - that and his 'robot hand'.

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