Monday, October 10, 2005

Birding In Taiwan

Birding In Taiwan: " "

Came across this site by accident. Here is an interesting factoid for you that I gleaned from a China Post feature of all places: Taiwan has the second highest number of bird species per square km in the world (Madagascar is number one). Taiwan gets a lot of migratory birds (from Siberia stopping over before heading on down to the Phillipines) but it also has a very high number of endemic species.

Kelly and I always said that when Jason was bigger we'd head out into the hills with the birdwatching group that we joined before he was born. Now we have Lucas so we'll have to push that back a bit. I'll have to make do with the birds in the back garden for the time being. We do get some interesting visitors sometimes. We had a black bulbul once and occasionally we get Himalayan tree pies. From the roof I often see drongos, black-crowned night herons and storks but these are fairly common. Most of the time in the back garden we just get Chinese bulbuls, Japanese wagtails and Japanese white eyes. I can't be 100% sure but I think we may have had a white-browed bush robin one time.

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