Sunday, October 02, 2005

It's one of the things I love about Taiwan

People just dry stuff anywhere they can find a space without fear of it being pilfered or interfered with. My neighbour regularly puts various leaves and grasses out to dry on his car bonnet. I have another pic somewhere in the archives of large black beetles being dried out on a car windscreen.

Out in the countryside you often see edible products being dried right by the roadside. Ugh! Imagining all that dust and pollution it must be exposed to makes me think twice about eating dried local produce. I still eat it anyway half the time. Must be turning Taiwanese.

As an amusing aside, someone in my neighbourhood hangs their embarrassingly large underpants on the metal gate shown here (you can see the edge of it in this picture). I'd take a picture of them but if I were to be spotted taking photos of someone's, better not go there.

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