Sunday, October 02, 2005

Jason's first day at kindergarten

Jason has started kindergarten at last. At first he was going for the mornings only but after just a few days he was pleading to be able to stay until 4 p.m. His class is supposedly bilingual but of course as with most kindergartens that term means 95% Chinese with the other 5% made up of games like 'hit the English flash card' and singing Ten Little Indians. Still, Jason seems happy to be there and he is proud that he has learned some bopomofo (the Chinese phonetic alphabet used in Taiwan). I believe he'll be able to hit the ground running when he starts at elementary school next year.

Jason loves to do crazy 'smiles' for photos but I asked for 'a nice, normal smile' in this shot. Hmmm, I think I'll stick with crazy next time!


Lisa said...

Wow, Jason has grown so tall...I couldn't tell by the other photos, but in my memory he was still that small kid running about in our basement when you first brought him here.

Bassman said...

I thought that Jason was in Kindergarten last year. You know, with the transylvanian English teacher. "Eye Vant to deach ewe Ingerleesh".

Josh is in kindy too.

Naruwan said...

Bassman, last year he went to a kindy for two half-days just to try it out, but he really hated it and in the end we decided to wait until the following (this) year.