Saturday, October 15, 2005

More bike trail pics

Kelly was convinced that there would be battery-powered bikes available as there were in Feng Yuan. Alas, no, so she pushed Lucas in the pushchair while the rest of the gang raced off on their bikes. Jason ended up on the back of Johnny's bike and I kept turning back to see how Kelly and Lucas were doing.

We made it to about the 3km mark and the others got as far as 6km I think. This gave me chance to 'stop and smell the flowers' as it were, and there really were many kinds of flowers along the trail. I spent as much time kneeling next to flowers trying to capture a nice macro shot as I did pedalling along the trail.

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Michael Turton said...

Where are you? This trail must be near us -- we're in Tanzi. You should drop by some time. Can you tell me how to get to that bike place?