Thursday, July 07, 2005

A fantastic Taiwan-based photoblogger

I was browsing through some 'Taiwan' tagged Flickr photos (there are 55,000 !) this evening and I came across a wonderful set of photos by a Flickr member called alidarbac. I heartily recommend having a browse through his photos. In his profile he links to his photo blog ('A better tomorrow'). This guy obviously has quite a talent for taking pictures (and is a skilled photoshopper as well it would appear!)
Most of the pictures seem to have been taken in Taiwan. Makes me want to go out and get myself a nice big ultrazoom camera or a digital SLR even.
Click here to view photos from 'A better tomorrow.'
p.s. It's also well worth checking out his pbase photo collection. Many of them are 'repeats' of photos shown in the collections mentioned above but there are plenty of new ones as well. Click here to view Wayne Cabradilla's pbase photos.

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