Monday, July 18, 2005

Jason's Hello Kitty magnet obsession

It's getting out of hand. Really. What started out as a harmless amusement has turned into something that's almost pathological!

Here's an example from a conversation I had with Jason about a week ago. Jason often asks me difficult questions which I try my best to answer in terms that I think he might understand. He's asked about all sorts and last week it was about why some countries have a King or Queen as opposed to a President.

Daddy:......France used to have a King and Queen a long time ago but then some people said 'hey let's have a President instead'. Then there was a big war between the people who wanted to have a King and Queen and the people who wanted a President.
Jason::......Did they use jet fighters? [OK, I made that bit up.]
Daddy::......No, they caught the King and Queen and cut off their heads.
Jason::......Did it hurt?
Daddy::......I don't think so.
Jason::......Did they give them an injection? [J often talks about injections.]
Daddy::......Nope. Just cut 'em off. Then they had a Pres...
Jason::......Can we go to 7-Eleven to get a Kitty magnet?

Oh, and if anyone out there has either of the two that he's missing, the special '30-year' ones (he did have one of them, the round white one, but lost it!), then please let us know.
Maybe then we'll find some sort of 'closure' - ack, I hate that expression - for this whole damn Kitty thing.

[Update, 21 July, 2005. He's got them all now. He found the one he'd lost and the nice man at the fried rice store on the corner donated the elusive last 'special' one.]

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