Friday, July 08, 2005

Wanna hear an 'Incredibly' cute story?

Before I tell this nice little anecdote, I'd like to thank Xiao-jen's mother-in-law for bringing round a delicious broth of pig's feet and peanuts that she had made for Kelly. She was worried that it might taste bland because she didn't add any salt or MSG but it tasted wonderful - I know because I tried some!

OK, the story. Dash is a character in the computer-animated movie, The Incredibles. He can run super fast, so fast, in fact, that when he's participating in sports events at school he has to slow down so as not to reveal his 'Incredible' power.

Xiao-jen's 6-year-old nephew, Chuan-chuan, pictured here, likes to pretend he is Dash and spends much of his time running around at great speed. His P.E. teacher was therefore quite surprised when he didn't do very well in a race at school. He asked him why he didn't run faster. Chuan-chuan replied that, like Dash, he couldn't reveal his super speed to others!
Now isn't that the cutest story you've ever heard?

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