Thursday, July 28, 2005

Some amusing things I came across today

Lucas is still in the hospital. He hasn't yet had the test that I mentioned earlier. He will have that on Monday. We have to be present for that test - don't know why that is. Tomorrow he will have a kidney scan (DMSA, I think.) Doc says he should be back home no later than the 4th of August.

Ran some errands today and came across some funny signs and things. I took a picture of this shop while waiting at the traffic lights. The Chinese says: Deep-fried Chicken Research Centre. Ha! I'm sure it's meant as a joke. That's a good way to promote your restaurant. Perhaps the director of the research centre is called Professor Yo (which sounds like 'grease' in Chinese).

More nappies for Lucas. You would think that the makers of this nappy would look up the word Goon in an English dictionary before naming their product.

This KMT city councillor really really wants your vote! Local election ads are usually a real 'eye-bore' but at least this one's eye-catching.

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