Monday, July 18, 2005

The Wilds brothers!

Xiao-jen suggested I post a picture of Jason and Lucas together. Not a bad idea.
Here's the 'before' picture (with a Picasa-induced tint.)

And the 'after' picture (tried a focal B+W for this one):

Kelly thinks they look creepy. Do you think so? This is ART, you hear? ART!


Lisa said...

HaHa..This picture just makes me laugh. Did you do the effect from the camera or from the computer? By the way, I'd posted some nice photos of Michelle's trip to Italy.She'd took about more than a 1000 photos, so I just picked out the best ones.

Naruwan said...

I used Picasa ( ).
It's free, but there's no Chinese version at the moment. Try it out. You can do collages and basic imade editing as in the black and white picture above.

Lucky Michelle.I'm so envious! I'll post a comment on your blog later. Great photos...