Monday, July 25, 2005

Lucas getting better

We showed up for the evening visiting time on Sunday but found out that actually we're only allowed to visit in the morning. At least we were able to give the nurse some bottles of K's breast milk.

The baby next to Lucas has meningitis! Despite the doctors’ repeated assurances that Lucas wouldn't catch meningitis from that baby, I still felt worried about them being so close to one another so they moved Lucas to the window spot. In this picture you can see K talking to the doctor in the background.

L's infection is 'quite bad’so he will have to stay in for a week for observation. His temperature rose slightly above normal yesterday but it soon came back down again. He's drinking plenty of milk which is good to know. We can't wait for him to get better and come home again. It's hard especially when we're always seeing his bottles, clothes, carrycot and other stuff around the house.


Bassman said...

I hope Lucas gets better real soon.

BTW, nice blog. Nice header.

I've got a new pic up on my blog.


Naruwan said...

Thanks, Bassman.