Tuesday, September 06, 2005

But what about the best beef noodles in Taichung?


I wish I could be up in Taipei at the moment slurping down some quality beef noodles at the beef noodle festival. The best bowl of beef noodles I've ever had in Taipei was at a place on Zhong-zheng Rd. Man, I could eat bowl after bowl from that restaurant if I had a big enough stomach. I wonder if that place is still there.

But what about the best beef noodles down here in Taichung?
The best place is without doubt a restaurant on Xue-shr Rd., near the China Medical University emergency department (!). It's called General Beef Noodles (in Chinese, see pic below) and is run by an elderly gentleman with a scraggy white beard. His beef noodles are completely different from the normal stuff you get. Most beef noodle places use beef broth made from those nasty generic bags of spice which have an overly heavy emphasis on star anise. The broth at the General's place is much more subtle. It's not too salty and the beef is very 'gamey'. Not to everyone's taste but very much to mine.

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