Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Daddy, you're scaring me

I've come across the 'magnified eye effect' a lot at Flickr and thought I would like to have a go myself. It was a lot harder than I thought. Lucas was moving around as was my hand, and it took a good second or so for the camera to focus in the low light which explains why it's somewhat out of focus.

I've recently discovered that at Flickr you can greatly increase the number of photos you can upload in a month by compressing the file right down to 5%. It's great because it has no noticeable effect on image quality even when viewed at full screen in your browser.
I reckon next month I'll be able to upload about 50 pictures. I have a lot of pics both old and new that I'd like to put on show.

What are you looking at, baby?
By Naruwan.

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