Thursday, September 01, 2005

Celluloid blasts from the past

Last Sunday afternoon I decided to have a dig around to see if I could find the photos of damaged buildings I took a couple of days after the 921 earthquake. I found hundreds and hundreds of photos, but that particular set eluded me. I can't describe how intensely annoyed I am with myself for having misplaced these great photos. I did however unearth some great stuff, and thought it would be prudent to scan some of the better ones just in case they go mouldy or something.

I took this pic of Jason about two and half years ago at some sort of tourist farm in central Taiwan, the name of which escapes for the moment. It's basically a picturesque field that you pay to enter. Jason loved it, running and tumbling about on the grass slopes.

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Lisa said...

I think the farm is Chin Gin Farm. We had been there before too.