Tuesday, September 20, 2005

"The number of fingers is five."

This is "What is wrong with this picture? {Part 2)"
You know if you're a lateral thinker, there is a way in which the number of fingers can be five. Think Roman.


Bassman said...

I hope this isn't J's English book from school.

Naruwan said...

No, I think we bought it from a supermarket, or maybe Kelly's mum got it for him; can't remember. Anyway, virtually every page contains an error. 'He likes a ______.' is pretty common.

David said...

The odd thing is the Chinese version says five as well! It is a bit clearer in Chinese though: "A person's hand has 5 fingers"

I guess they didn't think anyone would notice that two of the fingers were held up! Marvellous.

Michael Turton said...

This is the teaching textbook that O'Brien used with Winston Smith in 1984. "How many fingers am I holding up?"