Monday, September 19, 2005

Mid-Autumn Festival

Forget the Great Wall of China, I would love to see a thermal image of Taiwan from space during Mid-Autumn festival with all those barbecues up and down the country merrily sizzling away.

On Saturday evening we went round to Lillian's house with fruit and salad things Kelly had prepared. Afterwards we visited Xiao-jen and her family just around the corner who were having a lovely feast then we had a stroll around Chung-Hsing university and let the kids tear around in front of the library. Poor Jocelyn collided with another kid and bashed her chin on the ground.

As you can see I have been having fun playing around with the shots I deliberately took without flash. It's amazing what you can do. Some of these shots came out virtually all black but by cranking up the 'fill light' and 'highlights' with some added shadow you can create some striking effects.

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