Sunday, September 18, 2005

Gaming the system

I'm adding this here because for some reason I can't edit my previous post. Anyway, Jason often cracks me up with his logical analysis of the Tooth Fairy and Santa Claus.

He just asked me whether he would get two more coins from the Tooth Fairy if he put his two teeth under his pillow again tonight. I said it that I didn't think it worked like that. Undeterred, Jason responded by asking how the Tooth Fairy would know and could he try it anyway!

He's been chipping away at the Santa hoax for the past two Christmases. During one conversation on the subject he forced me to concede that if kids are only a little bit naughty they will still receive presents. He then went on to zero in on exactly how naughty you would have to be to get struck off Santa's gift list.
I really have to think on my feet these days. Last Christmas I had to waffle and fudge an impromptu explanation as to why our neighbours' kids didn't get presents from Santa.

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