Saturday, September 10, 2005

A funny telephone conversation

Sometimes when I call people on the phone and they hear that I am a foreigner, they freeze up, panic and run away for assistance.

A while back I called my friend, Lillian. Her mother-in-law, pictured above with her son Johnny, got the phone:

Me: 喂,你好. Lillian 在嗎?
L's M-I-L: 什麼人?
Me: Lillian 在不在?
L's M-I-L: [walks away from the phone and yells to son, Johnny in Taiwanese]
美國人....怎麼說?* [I hear Johnny saying something then she comes back to the phone.]
AH-MAY-REE-KA [she hangs up]


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Craig and Jo said...

i totally know what you mean! I have to do phone call tests and I only recently learnt how to say in chinese "Is....there?" Before hand it was just "I'm the Foreign teacher" and they generally got the idea that I was trying to talk with their children.