Sunday, November 25, 2007

3-D Maze Sphere

I've been playing with this a lot over the past week. A friend of ours bought one each for their kids and kindly got an extra one which they thought Jason might like. Well, he does like it - a lot - and so does his Dad! It's tricky enough to get you hooked but not so frustratingly difficult that you want to hurl it against a wall and jump up and down on the pieces (not that I've ever done that, I hasten to add!)

It's a really ingenious toy and intriguing just figuring out how someone might have gone about designing and making it. You can buy this and other edutainment-type puzzle games/toys at shops inside the Taichung Science Museum.


Michael McGinnis said...


My name is Michael McGinnis, the inventor of the original SUPERPLEXUS, of which this is a copy. I did not know about this copy until I found your blog. My interest is in finding one of these for my collection. It would be a real shame if I could not get a pseudo-superplexus. If you are interested in learning more about how my concept was developed, here is a link to my site:

If you can please give me any more information I would greatly appreciate it. Perhaps we could swap a pseudo for a real one?

Here is my email address:

Naruwan said...

Thanks for your comment. It must be an exasperating task combating the counterfeiters.

I'd be happy to do a swap! I've sent you an email.