Friday, November 09, 2007

Podcast addiction (part 2)

Here ya go. More podcasts that I recommend. Again, if you have any recommendations of your own, feel free to leave a comment.

Various topics
University Channel Podcast Plenty to choose from. Recorded lectures, lecture series and speeches mainly on politics and social issues. There was a great one (3-part) a while back on the philosophy and science of consciousness.
Radio 1 Documentary BBC Radio 1 - as the show title suggests.
Thinking Allowed (BBC Radio 4) - topical discussion on pretty much everything under the sun.
RU Sirius Show - a great show; explores cyberculture and counterculture.
Steve Wright in the Afternoon (BBC Radio 2) - Steve Wright has gone a bit bland for me but he does have some entertaining guests on his show from time to time.
Start the Week(BBC) - discussion with guests who are "movers and shakers" in realms of politics, history, science and the arts.
Radio Taiwan International - frankly it's a bit boring overall, but it can be pretty interesting in brief spurts. I hope it can survive the recent budget cut and evolve into something I would really look forward to downloading.
Point of Inquiry - this podcast is really excellent. Interviews with high calibre guests such as Stephen Pinker, Richard Dawkins et al. about their recent books or on topics with a "science 'n' society" theme.
Slate Magazine Daily - Slate is an amazing online magazine and this is a daily offering of an audio version of a noteworthy article.
Savage Love Podcast - what could be more fun than listening to complete strangers talk to a gay agony uncle about their unusual sexual relationship problems?
Reduced Shakespeare Company Podcast - takes a look at the recent doings of the "RSC". It would be cool if they could visit Taiwan. I believe they're going to do some TV comedy improv shows soon.
Radio 4 Choice (BBC Radio 4) - weekly documentary selected from elsewhere in the BBC radio stable: science, arts, you name it.
The Treatment (KCRW) - interviews with screenwriters, directors and other creative talents in Hollywood.
The Business (KCRW) - an inside look at the business side of the entertainment industry. Maybe sounds dull but is actually pretty interesting. There was a good one recently about complexities involved in product placement in TV shows, for example.
In Our Time (BBC Radio 4) - one of very few podcasts which I listen to each and every time. Melvyn Bragg discusses history topics (mostly) with three guest professors.
Front Row Highlights (BBC Radio 4) - for a fix of recent happenings in the worlds of arts and drama.
Fly With Me - a behind the scenes look at life as an airline pilot. He's not done anything for quite a while now, but there's still the archive for new listeners.
Daily Mayo - best bits from Simon Mayo's daily afternoon show. It usually features an interview with a guest.
Book Panel with Simon Mayo (BBC Radio 5) - two authors are invited in to hear their book being reviewed by two other guests and a call-in listener. I have a long lit of books I want to read based on this show!
Best of Today (BBC Radio 4) - I love the Today programme, which explores current affairs. Hard to believe the show has been going for fifty years.

Getting a Leg Up - Taichung's very own Mark Forman ) puts together a great "mix tape" of eclectic music.
3hive- nice audioblog of quality alternative music with occasional podsafe podcasts.
PRI's The World: Global Hit - an occasional listen for me. Features a world music artist or particular song.
Aurgasm - not a podcast, but a cracking good eclectic audioblog that I heartily recommend, podsafe I think.

Podcast Novels
Scott Sigler's Earthcore . I am still working my way through this. It certainly keeps you listening. When I eventually finish it I'll move on to J.C Hutchins' 7th Son . After that I have Philip Pullman's audiobook trilogy His Dark Materials to work my way through.


Teo said...

What about -
Lake Woebegone Days

and more importantly -

This American Life?

Naruwan said...

Yes, I discovered This American Life recently. I'll check out Lake Wobegone. Thanks so much for the suggestion.