Friday, November 16, 2007

Chinese-language Taiwan blog: "Teacher Kuo"

All right , not technically a blog as promised, but the personal website of Kuo Chang-Chung ( 郭長成 ) a teacher at Chiayi Commercial Senior High School. I stumbled across this site quite by chance. Lucky find!

What it is:

A huge collection of photos taken by Teacher Kuo of trips he has taken with his students around Taiwan going back to 1998, as well as pictures of steam trains, plants, animals, temples and much more besides.

Click around and you'll turn up a lot of pictures of his students doing mundane things like sitting at computer terminals or being presented with awards and such like, BUT, and it's a big BUT, you'll also find plenty of interest, such as pictures of watermelon eating contests, people shelling snails complete with newspaper article about someone who got intestinal worms from eating under-cooked snails, a military air show at a base in Chiayi, a burning methane pond, and as mentioned above steam trains. Kuo is quite a steam train enthusiast in fact. Plenty more shots in the 四、我愛火車 section here. There's also a truly excellent collection of photos of animals and plants which just on its own would make for an impressive website.

Read his lengthy biographical details here. I love series of photos that show kids growing up from toddlers to young adults. Funny thing is, Kuo starts rather on the, er, tubby side and gets progressively trimmer as the years go by. Good for him!

I'll finish up with one of a superb series of shots of baby Malayan night herons (?).

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