Monday, November 26, 2007

Taiwan bird photography: John&Fish

I absolutely love birds. Lucky me then to have wound up in Taiwan which is home to a very high number of endemic species and boasts the second-highest bird species density in the world. Naturally, I'm also a big fan of bird photography, especially of Taiwan birds. The mountains are crawling with bird photographers at the weekend. It's a wonder the birds can get on with the business of being a bird with all those photographers tramping about in their back yards!

John&Fish are a brother and sister bird photography duo. I would say they are the best Taiwan bird photographers on Flickr. Many of their photos get dozens of comments and Flickr group "awards", and they have a heap of testimonials too.

Check out them out for yourself and be utterly amazed.

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Steve Matuari Sabaru said...

wow, nice picture.