Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Preparations for temple's 60th anniversary - gonna be a big one

Pootling along in south Taichung yesterday I spotted this impressive, puppet-festooned plywood structure tucked away on a plot of wasteland and pulled over to take a snapshot. A banner indicated that a temple is going to be celebrating its 60th anniversary but unfortunately I couldn't see anything saying when it will be held. If I have time I'll pop back over there and see if I can find out. It looks like it's going to be a big do so I'd like to get a few shots of the proceedings if possible.

If you'd like to check it out for yourself there's a map link below. To get there from the intersection of Wu Chuan South Rd. (五權南路 ) and Chien Chung Rd. ( 建成路 ) , go east along Chien Chung ( 建成路 ) about a 100 metres or so till you hit Hsin Hwa St. ( 信華街 ) then turn left. You should see it on your left as you head north before you reach Fu Hsing Rd. ( 復興路 ) Don't rely on my pinyin: it's doubtless not exactly the same as that on the street signs! Here's the area on Google Maps. Link


cfimages said...

Did you manage to find out when the 60th celebration is?

Naruwan said...

No, I didn't have time in the end unfortunately, although a friend told me that it was (or still is) a weeks-long event and the temple had already held one big feast.